It is what we all want and is possible to live in this life. Yet, what we have been doing, thinking, and believing isn’t giving us what we want. 
You (or parts of you) may be ready to live, love, and work in even bigger ways, but somehow this still feels off limits, inaccessible or perhaps even taboo.

You may be experiencing too much stress, anxiety, sadness, and grief and not enough fun, joy, or pleasure.

You may be wanting true balance in your life. You are tired of over working and prioritizing work to the detriment of your relationships or block finding a loving and available partner.

You may struggle with intimacy.  Perhaps, you have no problem dating or may even be partnered.  You have begun to notice or even know that you have a hard time letting people in or allowing them to see all of you or to receive love from them.
Or you may have begun to realize that your parents or family were not as loving or supportive as you thought they were.  You are getting clearer that you don’t want to pass on those ways of being or relating to the world in your current relationships or to your children (or future children).
What if you feel that your life is going really well and you want to expand even more, dream even bigger dreams and love life itself more, we work with women like you too!  
At Your Soul Therapy, we will support you to let go of what is not working and become the vessel for change, creativity, passion, and vision in your life.
We provide techniques that will allow you to meet and integrate the most authentic aligned loving compassionate and lit up iteration of yourself.
Our work with you will allow you to feel more connected to yourself, friends, loved ones, and community in radically different life giving ways.
Collectively, our therapists, Hannah, Jamie and Katherine have worked with over 20,000 clients for the last 15 years.  We blend our expert clinical knowledge with a plethora of therapeutic and mindfulness modalities with our intuitive personalities to provide life changing results.  Our holistic mental health approach provides quadric support in your spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual selves. 
You can talk, make art, and share about anything with us from life during the Trump administration to being spiritual to talking about angels to sex positive non-heteromornmative intersectional topics.  Clients come to us in business attire, from class at Georgetown or George Washington, or in work out clothes from SoulCycle, barre or pilates.  
We sherpa you through all of it (relationship issues, break ups, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, worthiness, perfectionism, grief, and trauma).  You know you are complete, when your days are so magical or special that you didn’t think it was possible to live, love, feel, and work like this.

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Art Therapy & Psychotherapy Services

We work with you on your journey to deepen your relationship with the people and parts of your life that you care for most and the contributions you would like to make.  We will support you in discovering and removing old barriers and tendencies that no longer work and offer you deep ways of knowing and strategies to integrate the new way of beings.

Consultation & Clinical Supervision

With over 40 years of shared expertise in public mental health, technical assistance, training, policy development, private practice, and retreats, we  are honored to help clinicians cultivate their clinical niche, navigate leadership roles, create and sustain new programs and groups, build dream businesses, and navigate complex systems.

 The Daring Way™ & Rising Strong in Washington, DC

The Daring Way™ is a highly experiential methodology based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown.  Amy is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator-Consultant and has been offering this work for over 3 years.  She has worked with over 100 clients in this model and facilitated more than 20 groups and retreats.

Work with Us

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