by Kim Ottinger, MA, LPC, ATR-BC
Your Soul Therapy Associate



Exploring your fear

What is it there for? What is it’s purpose???

Fear, as does every emotion, serves human as an indicator or reminder. Emotions have evolved to help humans survive, emotions navigate us towards healthy behaviors and connection with others. Without connection with others, we would not survive in many environments. For example, happiness rewards us for doing something that is healthy or good for us. Guilt reminds us not to do something hurtful to others thus keeping us connected.

What is the point of my fear?

Your fear and anxiety keeps you safe from danger. The trouble is your human mind is always set on problem solving. You don’t need to focus on problems you have solved or successful experiences as you have already succeeded. But when a problem arises, your mind goes into problem solving mode and you begin to ruminate on an issue, whether it is solvable, in the past, present, or future.

When there is no solution to a problem or you have already made a mistake you get stuck and spend hour upon hour thinking through the problem, your brain believing it necessary to solve the problem to survive. However, most likely you will survive, the problem is not solvable, and worrying will not help you through the issue.

How many hours would you have free to use for more positive thinking if you were not living in fear based thought?

Why not choose to be brave, release your worry and use your time to pursue your dreams or take care of yourself.

Explore the fear. Come face to face with it. It won’t hurt you. Then…

Thank your fear for giving you a head’s up about that possible negative outcome or the past mistake you want to avoid. Then give your fear a hug and say goodbye to that anxiety. Pursue your passion, learn something new, occupy your mind with something that makes you feel good. 

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