Amy Babish

Amy is the founder of Your Soul Therapy – a deeply personal, unique process designed to help women tune into the transcendent whispers of their soul, and expand into a life filled with profound peace and expansive joy. Amy specializes in working with highly successful women who, on the surface, have it all together but on the inside, feel disconnected. Women who are terrified to delve into the boundless places of their soul, yet are yearning for so many things in life, but most of all an embodied connection with their soul. Amy sherpas women on their paths of becoming unstuck in their life and lovingly guides them on their path of destiny.

How does Your Soul Therapy work? We understand that it can be difficult for the mind to comprehend this deep work of the soul. Amy’s unique soul therapy offers a continuum of verbal and experiential modalities such as art making, Jungian sand play, mindfulness and somatic experiences to deeply support her clients on their own unique path towards wholeness.  Amy brings knowledge, energy and experience with a touch of sparkle (connection + humor + je ne sais quoi) in the temenos of working with clients.

Amy Tatsumi

Amy believes…

You have the power to create and live out your dreams and the life your soul wants, not the life that was prescribed for you.

You have the capacity to heal and thrive by learning how to release your fears and inner critic’s patterns that no longer serve you, giving you space and resources to live into fully, deeply, and embodied relationships with your soul and the people on your path.

Your Soul Therapy is the platform to see what has been keeping you stuck. Your Soul Therapy’s unique combination of psychology and spirituality gives you perspective to see the where and how you can embody your soul’s greatest expression. Many of us run from our inner critic or the fears and shadows that keep us from showing up. Amy’s approach supports you in pacing your process, allowing you to see the light within and embrace all the parts of you, rather than running from your fears and feelings.
Amy’s background

After working within the field of trauma and mental health for over a decade, Amy attended her first training with Dr. Brené Brown and her team in 2012.  This groundbreaking work gave Amy the opportunity to understand and manage the cog of her client’s inner critic’s wheels and how to help them to live differently.  Since that time, Amy became a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator- Consultant and weaves the model into her work with clients, supervisees, and consultees individually and in group. From both personal and professional experiences, she knows how life changing this work can be.  When you feel connected and have the courage to walk with bravery and fear in your heart, you start living the life that was meant for you.  You stop doing things out of habit, obligation, or worry of what others will think (or do) and start making time for whom and what are most important to you.  You let go of fearing or questioning what is next and learn to be present to what is.

Amy is trained as psychotherapist, counselor and art therapist.  In 2004, she received her Masters of Arts in Art Therapy from George Washington University.  She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC #PRC14086) in Washington, DC  a credentialed and board certified art therapist (ATR-BC #06-019).

Connect with Amy by phone or text 202.540.0796 or email to explore how we can work together to allow your soul to embody your life.

You can learn more about Amy on Instagram @amy.babish