Jamie Peterson

Jamie playfully and pragmatically helps clients to let go of patterns and beliefs that don’t fit with the desires and goals they dream of. In therapy with Jamie, you will find a safe and trusting place filled with deep empathy, soulful grounding and laughter. With each session, there is an opening for meaning and knowing, relief, and joy. 

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried, and yet – you still haven’t seen the changes that you want. The unfulfilling relationships, habits of pleasing others, compromises & self-sabotage, anxiety, and similar difficult situations keep repeating themselves. Maybe you know why, maybe you don’t. You think, “if only I could…” but you’re just not there…yet! Jamie believes we all already have the power within us to make meaningful changes and live the life we want – at times we just need a little help unblocking these unique gifts. 

DSC_0567Jamie works with twenty and thirty somethings who are ready for change, and wanting more. In your work together, you can find the freedom to let go of the perfection, the unyielding grip of trying to control, and the “what ifs,” and delight in what happens when you feel secure in trusting and loving your (truest, most authentic, realest) self. In this process, you will be guided to make peace with your anger, answer your confusion, calm your fears, and comfort your heartache. You can gracefully slow down in a fast and busy world, see the light in you and surrounding you, and trust to live the life that belongs only to you. 


Jamie is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Washington, DC and a Board Certified Art Therapist. She has dual masters in counseling and art therapy from New York University, and her background journeys over a decade of counseling work with people of all ages, from 5-85, in both school and public mental health settings. Jamie blends an attachment and trauma-informed approach in her practice, supporting client growth with somatic (body) work, art therapy, sandplay, and traditional talk therapy.

You can schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation with Jamie at 202.540.0832 or via email at jamie@yoursoultherapy.com


Jamie also works with teens….

If you are a parent who has been wanting your teen to be happy, have positive friendships, and experience meaningful challenges and great success, Jamie might be a match for your teen.  She works with teens and their families to bridge communication and support one another. In therapy with Jamie, teens have a safe space to navigate the difficulties of adolescence and high school, as well as find and learn to trust their most authentic self. Jamie also specializes in adoption and attachment work, offering therapeutic support to adolescents, families, and adults touched by adoption.

You can schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation with Jamie at 202.540.0832 or via email at jamie@yoursoultherapy.com

You can learn more about Jamie and her work on Instagram @jamie.peterson.lpc