Is it me or does there seem to be a lot of buzz around the concept of “synchronicity” lately?

Coined by the late Carl Jung, the term refers to concept of an outward occurrence coinciding with one’s internal state of being with no causal relationship. I find myself experiencing synchronicity in regards to my experiences of synchronicity! And I find if this is an experience I am having, there are inevitably numerous others with similar occurrences happening in their lives.

Today I had a wild energetic alignment around the idea of baby steps towards growth and setting intentions, healthy patterns of behavior, and creating positive future memories. I know, POSITIVE FUTURE MEMORIES, pretty fantastic idea, right?!!! This idea was introduced to me by a recent trainer, a strategy employed in therapy to begin to create and then reinforce positive possibilities in your brain.

In the car as I drove to my office, listening to story on personal finances, something I rarely spend my energy learning or paying attention to, I was struck by the similarities between the teachings of this financial guru and those taught in the many lenses of strength based psychological treatment. While I did not catch the name of this financial guru, I am grateful for the synchronistic universal reinforcement of these new concepts into my life.

Here are the tenets that keep showing up regarding building a healthy future; I am hopeful you have the opportunity to gain and discuss these tenets as well:

  1. Small Consistent Steps – long term growth in whatever arena of live is best done in small steps rather than leaps and bounds. Consistent small steps towards positive change is bound to create growth over the long term.
  2. Positive Future Memories – Set intentions towards a positive future memory. Keeping your focus in the present on decision making that will lead towards positive change in the long term is key. Every moment can contribute to overall good health, whether it is physical, emotional, career, or financial health.
  3. Confidence – confidence is only built by repeated experiences of success. You have to gain knowledge and learn in order to be successful. Be curious, educate yourself, so that you can build the confidence you need to take steps towards growth.
  4. Front Loading – Long term success often involves a difficult period of front-loading. You have to put in the work in the beginning to reap the benefits. Expect and appreciate your hard work in the beginning part of any process. There is always a learning curve.
  5. Process Over Product – and finally, enjoy the process. No matter how difficult it is, you will gain more from enjoying the process, the ups and the downs, rather than agonizing over perceived losses or downs. After all, we are only guaranteed the present moment. Building attachments to outcome can potentially lead to great disappointment and losing sight of the gifts you have in the now.

What ideas and signs have been showing up for you lately?

How does synchronicity expressed itself in your life?

To welcoming synchronicity,

Kim Ottinger

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Newton’s third law of motion states with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Every ounce of our being is affected by energy, constantly being bombarded by external and internal forces. The flow of our surroundings and internal processes shape our daily experience. The vibration of the environment impacts our internal world and our internal world is the lens in which we view our lives.

That lens, the vibration at which we choose to resonate in any given moment, forms the perspective from which we view that moment. Do we resonate with the positive, intentionally bringing unconditional love to each experience or do we allow the negative to cloud our vision and corrupt our experiences.

This vibrational energy comes from your mind-body, ingrained patterns based on our history, played out all the way down to the cellular level. And the internal vibration at which we resonate, is emitted to the external – causing equal and opposite reactions. Do we give off a positive, vulnerable, brave, accepting energy to others, or do we present to others our distrust, surface level, fear, and negativity. What we radiate comes back to us, whether it be positive or negative energy.

One day, along my journey, it occurred to me, I am doing this to myself. No matter my history, I can still change my present.

I choose my reaction to each and every moment.

Just for today, what color, tune, and feeling will you radiate from your internal experience to the external world?

What energy will you present with?

Will your heart space give off your unconditional love and acceptance to those you come in contact with today?

How will your vibrational lens (all the way down to the cellular level of your body) color your experience today?

In shifting the flow,

Kimberly Ottinger  MA, LPC, ATR-BC
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