Nature as a Resource & Guide



I have to speak today of the resource and guidance of nature. With continual visits from birds over the last few days, I have to put any other agendas aside. We will further the exploration of the badass woman next week. Today, nature is singing and my humble heart has to pay attention.

Throughout the last few weeks, little birds have been visiting my window sills. At opportune moments in the session, just when emotion has peaked, my little feather friend seems to consistently show up and sing the most beautiful song, breaking the emotional expression for just a moment before flitting away.

What do we make of this?

Well my scientific Catholic upbringing says “Aren’t those birds pretty and cute, how nice to get the chance to see them up close and witness their little bird lives. Though I wish they would stop disrupting my clients’ processes!”

While the artist in me says “I wonder what it would be like to be a bird, floating this way and that, free to roam. They are magnificent creatures, so different from us. I will definitely be painting an image of that little guy later….”  Then the mystic in me says “Isn’t it interesting how these little guys show up just as emotions become strong. They must be spirit guides, cosmic supports for my and my clients’ process.”

And so, here are our options. The logical to the mystical. I embrace them all, each are a lense or perception of the same experience. I dive into each at times and prefer the latter.

Why not? Why not live in the mystical, spiritual, free, creative world. I pick my perception and I pick that one. I get to experience the signs and surrender spiritually. I get to believe in abundance and joy returning to me as I release it. I get to play and live fully in my heartspace. I can shape shift into those other perceptions as needed to relate to others and protect my heart or I can live on all levels at once. Yet, I receive and give my joy most readily from the mystical space.

Birds have always been important to me. My mother studied birds for much of her career and I would relish in pointing out all the different birds we would see on our drives, coming home and looking up their profile in the Audubon reference book.

I once had the pleasure of doing a past life regression. I received three stories of my lives. The last live I experienced was that of an eagle. In that life I was free, liberated from any constraints. I enjoyed the solitude of my life and stood solidly atop a cliff, overseeing the valleys below. I felt the pure power of solitude and the experience of flight.

As my little bird friends visit, I am reminded of the presence of nature’s energy. I am reminded they are out there seeing us and connecting with us as they sing to me and clients through the window. I am reminded that we are one with nature when it comes down to it and feel gratitude for this beautiful life.

I invite you to take 10 minutes from your day to attend to nature with a mystical curiosity as it attunes to us. Take a little walk in the woods, paint an image of an animal that shows up in your life, listen to the sounds of the humpback whale, set an intention of loving kindness to the earth and all its creatures. ​

To connecting with nature,

Kim Ottinger

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