Hannah Wilson

Hannah supports you in honoring  your whole experience and whole self- including the parts of your story that have never been told and the parts of you that feel unseen and unloved.  Hannah will allow you to courageously explore where you feel stuck in life. Hannah believes : In tending to your pain and suffering, you also unlock your joy and magic.  Hannah knows that relieving symptoms is not enough and that true healing can only occur when the root causes of wounding and suffering are understood and transformed.  What often feels like a wound or a dark place can actually be the vessel for profound growth, transformation, healing and an even greater experience of light and joy than you ever imagined.

Hannah brings deep empathy, a highly honed sense of intuition, and authenticity to each session.  She combines traditional talk therapy with a truly holistic approach including art therapy, sandtray therapy, trauma informed energy work and other mind-body connection techniques.  Hannah will guide you in accessing parts of yourself and experiences that words sometimes can’t. Hannah practices from a psycho-spiritual lens and combines training in trauma therapy and attachment theory.

Hannah’s process with you allows you to develop greater trust, a sense of safety and empowerment and reconnect to your inner wisdom and intuition.  She knows that you are already whole and complete and that you hold within you all the wisdom you need for true healing and transformation.  Hannah will guide you in connecting to this part of yourself.

What if instead of fearing the unknown, you could embrace it from a place of peace and deep trust?
What if you could have meaningful, loving relationships and experiences in ways you long for?
What if you could be vulnerable and loving while also having healthy boundaries?

hannah final_uneditedIn our work together we will explore cultivating self care and self love that will allow you to open your heart wildly- in ways that feel nourishing, not depleting and exhausting.  Together we will explore, release and rewrite old patterns and old ways of being that no longer serve you.  The feeling of going through the motions, living someone else’s life or being stuck living in “shoulds” can be shifted to a new way of being.  This new way is the meaningful, authentic and joyful life you are truly meant to live.

Hannah understands the simultaneous yearning to show up and live in a new authentic way, and also the fear, anxiety and feelings of unworthiness that can hold us back.  Hannah guides you in integrating your mind, body and soul, and in grounding the authentic parts of yourself fully into the present. If you are ready to  fully show up in life as your true self, having reclaimed all parts of yourself and standing in your power, Hannah is ready to support you on this journey.


Hannah is trained as a psychotherapist, counselor, art therapist and energy work practitioner. In 2010 she received her Masters of Arts in Art Therapy from The George Washington University.  Hannah has experience working as a therapist and art therapist with children and adults of all ages in clinics, schools, hospitals, and public mental health settings.  Hannah is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC #PRC14775 ) in Washington, DC and a credentialed and board certified art therapist (ATR-BC#14-100 ).

To schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation with Hannah, you can call her 240.257.3178 or email her via hannah@yoursoultherapy.com.

To learn more about Hannah and her work, find her on Instagram @hannah.wilson.lpc