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  2. Art Therapy

    Are you curious about art therapy?  Many people and therapists are. Why art therapy? Art therapy can work for many different kinds of people. People…

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  3. FAQs

    Frequently asked questions for Individual & Group Counseling, Psychotherapy, & Art Therapy at Your Soul Therapy. How do I find the right therapist? For most…

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  4. Amy Tatsumi

    Amy is the founder of Your Soul Therapy – a deeply personal, unique process designed to help women tune into the transcendent whispers of their…

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  5. September 2015: The Invitation to Dare – A 2.5 Day Women’s Urban Retreat

    THE INVITATION TO DARE: A 2.5 DAY WOMEN’S URBAN RETREAT Do you long to live with more freedom, self-expression, desire, and passion, but hold yourself…

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