Therapy for Therapists, Coaches & Healers

Are you a psychotherapist, helping professional, healer, or graduate student who wants to support your clients and patients with courage, compassion, and connection but feel like something may be holding you back?

Have you done your own personal work (or maybe years of it), but you feel like you’re not fully showing up in your personal and/or professional life with clients?

Do you know that you’re helping your clients, but you long to make even deeper more lasting shifts (You’re practicing from a solid well informed theoretical base, but there’s something else keeping your work stuck)?

Do you enjoy being a therapist, healer, helper, or artist but struggle with financial wellness (having difficulty asking for what you are worth or you may even have financial conflict or angst)?  Do you struggle with giving more than receiving?

We get it.  We’ve been there. We have more than 40 years of combined experience with over 20,000s clients.  We worked with clients to help them stabilize, regulate, integrate, and rejoin their families, communities, and schools.  Even though we supported clients with complex trauma and attachment histories, chronic mental illness, and challenging processing disorders, we still had a longing to do more, to help them shift their lives even further.

After doing our own inner work, both as art therapists and psychotherapists for ourselves, our personal and professional lives dramatically shifted.  We now see clients not only functioning better, but also living more rich, full, and meaningful lives.

We have helped therapists make these huge shifts individually and in groups.  You will have a safe, compassionate, and non-judgemental space for your own deep work through talking, art making, sand tray, dream work, mindfulness, and/or the shame resilience experiential  or sensorimotor processes.

We can unpack what you are experiencing as a result of your client or patient work or what is coming up in your own life:

~boundary issues
~psychospiritual work
~concerns about being a helper, healer or artist on micro or macro levels
~family of origin challenges
~the experience of the wounded healer
~shadow work
~separating sensitivity, intuition, and reacting
~the hidden parts of you
~having integrity in the midst of power dynamics and systems issues
~understanding your sense of feeling deserving (worthiness)
~being able to receive
~untangling from the client or patient’s processes
~projective identification (intrapsychically, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and energetically)
~vulnerability in the workplace
~speaking your truth
~connecting with the awe and wonder of every day moments
~cultivating unconditional self love
~living joy
~knowing deep confidence
~learning what is behind the masks you may wear

We can work as your primary therapist or in collaboration with your personal or spiritual work you already do. Our work together can help you source your foundation from the inside out creating expansiveness in your personal and professional life.

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Clinicians, helping professionals, healers, artists, and graduate students who have done their work with us say that as a result of their own therapy they are able to
~ accompany their clients into deep work and more lasting change
~have a greater awareness of what it means to bring all parts of oneself to their personal and professional lives–the good, bad, messy, silly, hidden, defended, vulnerable, shame filled, guilt laden, authentic, courageous, wholehearted, and…
~create an empathetic ,compassionate, and boundaried holding environment
~feel less burnout and more engagement and revitalization in your work
~have financial/money wellness and have an equal exchange with life, work, and money

Whether you are a seasoned professional or are in your practicum or externship, we know the decision to pursue your own therapy can be a challenging and complex.  We offer a free 20 minute consultation to see if we might be a good fit.  

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