We’re Hiring

Hiring: Aligned, highly skilled therapist at Your Soul Therapy, a psychotherapy private practice built on excellence and inclusivity.

You are:

  • Committed to having hard conversations about privilege, race, social justice, sexuality, and ableism with me, with each other, and with clients.
  • Embodied in your ways and flavor.
  • Grounded in clinical models and also very connected with spirit, intuition
  • Willing to explore your blocks and bypasses in committed consistent personal work
  • Own radical self responsibility
  • Equipped to facilitate deep work and meet client’s longings and barriers
  • Born to do deep healing work with people
  • Willing to contribute to our newsletter and videos and content on social media

You must have :

  • A current license and be credentialed with full liability insurance (i.e., psychiatrist, PhD, PsyD, art therapist, psychotherapist, LPC, LMFT, LICSW)
  • Extensive post-licensure work with adults or couples

You must be willing to:

  • See at least15 full fee clients per week. (max of additional 2 clients scale beyond the 15 clients) i
  • Invest in your own weekly personal work
  • Work some evenings and/or weekends


We are hiring for:
*Saturday and Sunday
*Mondays and Tuesdays

Why work for Amy rather than someone else:

  • I offer practical, technical support, including the piece to reflect on how you are showing up in the session contributes to the dynamic
  • Access to mentor and leader who is commitment to my own personal and rapid evolution
  • Many people have had to suffer and navigate with leaders and systems that are unavailable to support clients and/or clinicians, this is not that.
  • In depth, dignified and compassionate experiential consultation, supervision and trainings
  • One of my gifts is to support your exponential growth by helping your understand the intersection between your professional development and personal work, and helping identify when it is personal work and supervision
  • Embodied aligned technical and divinely feminine business support, coaching and strategy

Full service office with incredible location EMAIL AMY@YOURSOULTHERAPY.COM WITH COVER LETTER & CV TO APPLY